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Employee Management Systems is a Division of Vandagriff & Associates, Inc. This division specializes in background investigations for your prospective employee.

Who is your next employee? Are they who they say they are? What is there background? Are they a convicted felon? Need help in picking the right employee for the right position? We can help you get those square pegs in a square hole and a round pegs in a round hole! Let Vandagriff & Associates and Employee Management Systems help you with that task.

We always comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal and state laws that apply. We will help your business with the forms needed to comply with laws that apply.

You decide what is best for you and we work with you to provide specificaly what you need. The most frequently ask question asked is how long does this type of investigation take. Speed and accuracy are very important to us. The amount of time depends on how much information you are requesting. The average time of a returned report is 48 hours. For request involving empolyment verification reports can take 72 hours. 

No Contracts

No Connect Charges

No Minimums

We also investigate internal problems. Thefts, Sexual Harassment, Injuries, Bomb Threats, Embezzlement and much more.

If you would like additional information, set up a business account, obtain forms or obtain a cost quote, you may call or email us at


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